Welcome to Duh-2000
The monthly contest for the stupidest thing said about the Year 2000 problem
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Duh-2000 Contest Rules (New!):

Each month we'll be recognizing the person who, in our humble opinion, has made the stupidest remark about the Year 2000 problem.  To nominate someone, mail the stupid quote plus the URL to the reference where the quote is located to us at  contest@duh-2000.com.   The URL you send must refer to some public news site (such as cnn.com, nytimes.com, usatoday.com, etc.) ...so if your boss says something stupid you can't just post it to your personal web site and submit it.  You can submit as many stupid quotes to us as you want each month.  The first person to submit the URL with the winning quote to us will receive a six-pack of HeaterMeals: self-heating meals you store on the shelf, kindly donated by the company.  Very handy if the microwave isn't working for some reason. ;)

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The winner will also receive an "exploding bug" t-shirt from www.y2kdoom.com

Oh, and we'll throw in a free copy of the Duh-2000 Book while we're at it!

If you submit a quote without a URL or one that, in our opinion, isn't "public" enough, we'll be glad to add your entry to the unofficial list (if we judge it silly enough) but we won't identify the quotee by name.   Unoffical entries aren't eligible for the prize (this would only encourage people to make even more stupid quotes on purpose!)

If you want to submit anonymously, just mention it in your e-mail.  We'll withhold your name and sanitize the submission so as not to get any pesky attorneys unduly excited.

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