Announcing: Duh-2000 - The Book!
The book about the stupidest things said about the Year 2000 problem

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The Stupidest Things Said About The Year 2000 Problem
Paperback, 100 pages.


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The Dawn of a new Duh...

Well, we did it.  We compiled the best (or should it be the worst?) of the stupid quotes from our web site and put them into a book.  We even tossed in a few extra goodies that you haven't seen on the web site (like some of the truly strange e-mail we get).  

Duh-2000 The Book is now shipping! The cost is $10! (US) and that includes shipping.  Just click here and e-mail us your Visa or Mastercard number, and include a shipping address.  We'll take care of your order instantly. 

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